Laboratory for processing slabs

In the workshop production it is carried out by specialized labor that with technologically advanced equipment, provides quality products, such as floor coverings thresholds stairs skirting top covers from the bathroom to the kitchen sinks Solid dinner plates shower chimneys columns capitals bottom frames reliefs, antique Greek Palladian and dots.
We also do many types of work like the bull the bird's beak of the channels its doors ribs schooners and other types on customer demand. The materials that are primarily used are: travertine marble that is directly purchased in the best quarries in the area of ​​Tivoli and Guidonia, the Ascolano travertine, Sanpeter travertine, tuff of Viterbo, the santafiora, pietra serena stone of Trani, the carrara marble, granites of Sardinia, the rosé of Portugal, the azul macauba Brazil, multicolor granite, travertine Chileans, Turks and many other materials including even like Silestone quartz - Italian Stone and others types of agglomerates

Machinery used: nr. 3 cutters numerical control Breton, n. 1 contouring Breton, nr 1 torus Cavani, nr. 1 Polishing CMPI, nr 2 tumbling Rosler